RLWC2013 Cheerleading Programme


RLWC2013 Cheerleading Programme

Rugby League World Cup 2013 Cheerleading squad is a team made up of various girls from Rugby League cheerleading squads across the country.

Places were won at an audition in early September, where dancers performed as a squad and then as individuals to battle for a place in this highly regarded team.  There is a video of the event you can watch below.

The official squad is sponsored by RLWC2013 Sponsor and Online Retailer Get The Label and will be at all of Englands group stage games aswell as at the Opening Ceremony, all four quarter-finals, The Big Hit Semi-Final Double Header and RLWC2013 Final.

Beyond RLWC2013, the team will benefit from a wider project which will see the girls have the opportunity to attend various professional workshops to develop the squad further.  It is intended that the members of the squad will pass on their experiences and new skills back to their foundation academies which will form part of the legacy of the Rugby League World Cup 2013.  They will also be hosting cheer conventions throughout 2014, to identify potential new members for the squad.  In addition, the squad hope to raise money for Rugby League Charities through 3 key events a year.

Follow our cheerleaders on twitter: @RLWCELITECHEER

Elite in Action


RLWC2013 Official Cheerleading Auditions

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