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If you were at RLWC2013 and feel inspired by the dancing on show, make sure you check out where you can get involved by clicking here.

The Community Programme


Ranging from 6 to 70, boys and girls, men and women from all walks of life have been getting involved with the RLWC2013 dance programme, many of whom have never actually danced before. Together these newly transformed dancers have been putting on a great display at RLWC2013 matches across the UK. At each game the dancers perform to a track aptly named ‘Pride of Nations.’ The dance brings colour and atmosphere to the games and encourages the groups to work together as a team which is a fundamental element of our sport, Rugby League.

RLWC2013 Dance Programme Artistic Director, Jeanefer Jean-Charles said: “I’m very familiar with getting non-dancers to buy into projects. Someone will come along and say I really want to be in this but I’ve got two left feet, and by the end of the project they find they’ve got a right and a left foot and they feel good about themselves. It will never happen again in this way and you’ll always be able to say I was there, just like the Olympics.”

Pride of Nations in Action

The Elite Programme


In addition to the community project, we have an elite programme that is led and inspired by world class choreographer James Wilton.

James has worked with 50 dancers who are a combination of student, recent graduates and professional dancers to perform a piece called  ‘The Road to Victory.’ This debuted at the Opening Ceremony, Cardiff and will be performed again at Wembley for The Big Hit.

Gareth Thomas, ex Wales international player joined the cast for the Opening Ceremony performance and for Wembley the cast will be joined by Jon Beney who is one of the 10 dance artists working on the community programme. Jon is from Hull and started out as a very promising Rugby League Player. Having been selected to represent his country he was awarded British Player of the year in 1988. However due to an injury, Jon had to step out of the floodlights and took a step into the spotlight as a dancer. For Jon, being part of this project has enabled him to take to the pitch at Wembley under a different guise and be part of Rugby League World Cup 2013 in away that he could never have anticipated back in 1988.

The Opening Ceremony as it happened...

Viral Dance


The programme also includes the development of a viral dance logo, created by Pete Shenton and Tom Roden from New Art Club, an award winning dance and physical comedy duo. The logo was launched in October and has been strongly celebrated at every match during the tournament.

The logo has already caught on in local communities and has been a great opportunity for spectators in the stands to get up and join in. If you want to get involved, be sure to visit the project leaders online at @RLWC2013Dance and at www.facebook.com/rlwc2013dance

You can also upload your own version of the dance logo by visiting http://www.rlwc2013.com/fanzone/dance and watch our very own video with England’s Josh Charnley, which can be seen by clicking here


Get Moving with our Viral Dance

RLWC2013 Dance Programme

Since Grand Visionary came on board more than three thousand dancers have been recruited to take part in the spectacular celebrations across the UK for Rugby League World Cup 2013. The programme kicked off with The Opening Ceremony at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on October 26th.

The RLWC2013 Dance programme is a million pound project, which is supported by Arts Council England through their Grants for the Arts programme, Wooden Spoon, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government. The programme has given a once in a lifetime opportunity for thousands of dancers to perform as part of the 8th sporting World Cup to ever be held in the UK and plans for legacy activity are now taking shape.

RLWC2013 Official Dance Programme

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