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During RLWC2013 Masters will hold a series of festivals to coincide with RLWC 2013 fixtures and the festivals will support Rugby League Cares.  RLWC2013 offers a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be involved in Rugby League and to leave a legacy for the future.  RLWC2013 Matchday festivals will enable Masters to showcase this version of the game and give Masters the opportunity to be part of this great sporting event.

So if you’re 35 or over, Masters Rugby League is the game for you!

Masters is strictly a social version of the sport and the rules are slightly modified to cater for the older player. There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals. Masters is about the spirit of the game.

Just like the full version of the game Masters is 13 a-side, however rule modifications are incorporated as the safety of old bones is paramount.

Different coloured shorts denote the different age groups

                White for 35-39years

                Black for 40-49 years

                Red for 50-59 years

                Gold for 60+

Tackles are modified according to age, with white and black shorts limited to two tacklers and red shorts players being held.  For our Golden Oldies, in their Gold shorts, tackles are complete with a simple touch only!

Find out more by visiting the Masters RL page on the RFL site.

Masters RLWC2013 Matchday Festivals

RLWC2013 Date Venue Teams Masters Date Masters Venue
26 Oct (Sat) Cardiff Australia v England and Wales v Italy 26 Oct (Sat) Cardiff Demons
28 Oct (Mon) Rochdale Fiji v Ireland 27 Oct (Sun) Mayfield
02 Nov (Sat) St Helens Australia v Fiji 02 Nov (Sat) Thatto Heath
02 Nov (Sat) Huddersfield England v Ireland 02 Nov (Sat) St Joseph’s Fartown
03 Nov (Sun) Workington Scotland v Italy 03 Nov (Sun) Lowca
08 Nov (Fri) Leeds NZ v PNG 08 Nov (Fri) Leeds Foundation
10 Nov (Sun) Halifax Tonga v Italy 10 Nov (Sun) Shay (Spring Hall)
16 Nov (Sat) Warrington QF4 16 Nov (Sat) Crosfields
30 Nov (Sat) Manchester Final 30 Nov (Sat) Eccles

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