Match Day Festivals

Rugby League World Cup 2013 Legacy – Make a Difference


In 2013 a public awareness campaign will be delivered to the Rugby League community to promote the Primary Rugby League key message and principles. The RLWC2013 legacy has been committed to PRL, offering the perfect platform to achieve the public awareness campaign. The legacy, utilising a campaign approach, will focus on Make a Difference. Which will be a ‘call to action’ to coaches, parents, spectators and significant others to Make a Difference to the primary game.

Primary Rugby League World Cup Festivals

The PRL World Cup festivals has offered an ideal opportunity to contribute to the Make a Difference campaign, through promoting the key message and principles.


During RLWC2013 matches, each  host delivered a pre match PRL festival and celebration.

Primary Rugby League Key Message

To make it a Fun and Enjoyable experience for every player

PRL Principles

  • Offering all children an opportunity to play all of the time
  • A focus on children’s motivations (FUN, Running, Evasion, Scoring Try’s and playing with  friends) 
  • Adults creating positive environments in line with the RFL’s RESPECT policy
  • The right activities to help young children develop