SINGHA: Official Partner of Rugby League World Cup 2013

According to mythology, beneath heaven and invisible to the eyes of mortals lies the Himapan forest high in the Himalayas. The forest is populated by a host of mythical beasts and ruled by one, the Rajasi.

The Rajasi is a mythical lion with flames burning on its head, neck and back, and trailing from each of its feet, it is truly a magnificent creature.

Singha is the Thai name for this mythical 'king of the enchanted forest'. Courageous and fearless, this legendary 'braveheart' is elegant in its posture, poetic in its movements and strong in its character. These qualities thus translate into Singha Lager.

Believing in being the best at everything we do, Singha is a culture you would want to be a part of. The Singha experience is a thirst for ideas and a bond between true friends, which trigger the connections of the souls, resulting in an afterglow of shared discovery.

Since 1933, Singha Lager - famous as 'the original Thai beer' - has been quenching the thirst of beer drinkers in all corners of the world. The distinctive, full-bodied 100 per cent barley malt beer is brewed only from the finest ingredients using state-of-the-art technology. It is rich in taste with a strong 'Saaz' hop character - an aroma and flavor that is mild and earthly, filled with herbs and spice.

Brewed by Boon Rawd Brewery Co, Ltd - the first and largest brewery in Thailand since 1933 - Singha Lager has earned a reputation as one of the finest quality lagers in the world, receiving numerous international awards with a strong global presence in over 50 countries worldwide.




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