• Team Name: Tomahawks
  • First Appearance: 2013
  • RLWC2013 Group: Group C/D
  • RLWC2013 Opponents: Italy, Tonga 
  • Last Win: N/A

Ones to Watch: Ryan McGoldrick, Apple Pope and Junior Paulo

Read more about these great players and why they are ones to watch during RLWC2013.


Ryan McGoldrick


Aussie born McGoldrick currently plays for Salford City Reds in the RFL’s Super League. His grandmother's heritage means he’s eligible to play international Rugby League for USA and has been representing the side since 2007. In a bid to ensure USA qualified for the RLWC2013 competition, McGoldrick featured in the match that saw victory over Jamaica and secured USA’s spot for the upcoming tournament.

McGoldrick is another player that has played for both codes of Rugby as he represented New South Wales Waratahs in Rugby Union.


Apple Pope


American Rugby League player, Apple Pope plays hooker and is currently representing Jacksonville Axemen in the states. Born in Florida, Pope made captain for the 2010 Rugby League Atlantic Cup and led his team to victory. Pope was also names player of the game for this match.

Recently at the 2011 RLIF Awards event, Pope was also names United States player of year at the ceremony dinner in London, England.


Junior Paulo


Second Row forward, this Zealand born player is actually of American-Samoan decent and plans to play for the USA in the upcoming RLWC2013. Having been named in the Samoan Rugby League team for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup, Paulo also named in the RLWC2013 qualifier team and looks to represent the American side in the upcoming tournament.

 Having been described as a ‘A 116kg wrecking ball’ the former Australian Schoolboy, is one to watch in 2013.


A Bit of History

The Tomahawks finally make their World Cup bow after defeating Jamaica and South Africa in the Atlantic Qualifiers. 

With Matthew Elliot at the helm, they’ll face the Cook Islands and Wales in Group D, having previously been denied qualification by Lebanon (2000) and Samoa (2008). 

The USA played its first international in 1953, during a tour of Australasia organised by wresting promoter Mike Dimitro. A team of complete novices (mischievously dubbed the ‘All-Stars’) lost most of their 26 games, yet still attracted an astonishing 65,453 spectators to the Sydney Cricket Ground for a match against a local representative XIII. 

In 1987 the national team was reformed to play its first international since 1954 (they lost 23-10 to Canada), and competed in the World Sevens (1992–1997), Super League World Nines (1996, 1997) and the Emerging Nations World Cup (2000). 

The Tomahawks have been playing regular international competition since the turn of the century. In 2002, 25,000 spectators saw Russia defeat the USA 54–10 in Moscow. Just two years later they gave the mighty Australia a mighty scare before losing 36–24.   

A combination of increased international competition and a decade of domestic development means that the USA may finally be set to make its mark on the biggest stage.

USA Flag


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